Duval's Welding & Machining Co. Ltd. manufactures 
tanks, cyclones, hoppers, bins, conveyors pressure vessels 
and miscellaneous structural steel such as walkways, 
platforms, supports and ladders, machinery base "core 
composer base" "slew bearing base" "hoe cab riser" "screw 
conveyor" chain and belt conveyors.
Duval's Welding & Machining Co. Ltd. also manufactures
sawmill equipment..
Duval's is also renting tools such as "Hilti" drills, etc...
Specialized Computer Field Balancing "Fans" - "Impellers" - "Rotors".
The last but not the least "Boom Truck" service.  One 35 tons Boom Truck.
Duval's offers all services related to pressure vessels; design, certification, registration, manufacture, installation and repairs.
Takes pride in designing "Special Equipment" or parts for your industry needs.
Fabrication or Repair of Hydraulic Cylinders.
Fabrication of conveyors, sprockets, impellors and fan housing to customers specs.
Field balancing for all rotating equipment.
Laser alignment system